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About PS 199 Jesse Isidor Straus

PS 199 is a kindergarten through fifth grade elementary school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Our school community respects and celebrates the ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity of our learners and their families. We believe that in order for children to be their best selves and excel academically, they need to feel safe and valued in their classroom. Our community strives to make all students feel this way. Our dedicated educators know that learning is a social and active process. Our students turn and talk, work in purposeful partnerships, and collaborate in group projects. Instruction is geared towards supporting students’ continued growth to meet their goals. We promote inclusive practices for students with learning differences and have at least one Integrated Collaborative Classroom on each grade level. We believe that students should have the opportunity to express their talents in many areas and we make a strategic effort to incorporate the arts and sciences into our curriculum. We have longstanding partner-ships with several organizations including New York Philharmonic, National Dance Institute, and Center for Architecture to achieve this vision. We are also fortunate to have a hydroponics Science Center and implement Amplify Science Curriculum in partnership with the organization New York Sun Works. All our learners also receive physical education, art, music, and participate in a creative expression class on a weekly basis. Each child's social and emotional development is a crucial aspect of our school life. We promote respect, community building, and teach awareness and understanding of feelings through our social emotional RULER curriculum. Our classes engage in daily emotional and wellness check ins to help create and maintain a positive learning environment. A very special practice is Community Reading whereby families choose a picture book meaningful to their families to read to their child’s class. We also have many beloved traditions that involve curriculum and community, including beginning and end of year picnics, holiday celebrations, fall and spring festivals, field trips, and student publishing parties. Throughout the year, parents are welcomed into their children's classrooms to celebrate student writing, view project-based artworks, or see dances and chorus performances. Our school motto, embraced by students, staff and families alike is: "Work Hard. Be Kind." These words drive the work of our community every day.​



Work Hard. Be Kind.

Our Team

Learning Pod


Why does our school excel? An exemplary and dedicat-ed team of teachers, admi-nistrators, and support staff provide the backbone of our success. They work tireless-ly so that each child feels safe, recognized, and resp-ected, yet motivated to achieve their full potential.



A vital component of our success is parental involve-ment. The school is a colla-boration between faculty, parents, and students. Parents and staff see the value in working together every step of the way. This extended community drives our school forward.



We are committed to teaching our children to become caring, responsible citizens who will thrive in a diverse society. We foster student-to-student mentor-ships that form lasting bonds between students and teach respect and empathy for everyone.

Parent Coordinator

Sara Lise Raff


Louise Xerri

Assistant Principals

Brendan Beseda

Sharon Chung


Kamar Samuels


Located in the vibrant Upper West Side neighborhood, PS 199 has had unique opport-unities to partner with many of New York City's finest institutions, including the NY Philharmonic. The PTA funds and organizes numerous field trips that enrich our student's educational experience.

270 West 70th Street,

New York, New York 10023





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