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Our Programs

As part of PS 199’s mission, striving for higher standards is integral to student learning and achievement. We support all students in achieving proficiency, not only in English language arts and mathematics, but in all curriculum areas. Our great challenge, as that of many other schools, is meeting the needs of our diverse population, while keeping our expectations high. The teachers and staff of PS 199 believe that creating an environment of pride and excitement within our classrooms promote self-motivation and resiliency for long term success. We are constantly studying new approaches and refining our practices to meet the needs of all our students.

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Our Curriculum

Our classes are led by our dedicated teachers who bring love of teaching to their classrooms every day. Our teachers expertly craft and refine the curriculum to make sure that contents remain rigorous, engaging, and consistent while adhering to the recommendations from our Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). We are committed to fostering inclusive learning environments, promoting collaboration and understanding among all community members.

Children's Storybooks
English Language Arts

Our ultimate goal is to cultivate lifelong readers. We deploy a variety of found-ational reading and writing workshops that progressively build our students' appreciation, knowledge, and mastery of essential literacy skills.

Magnetic Numbers

All students learn and apply math-ematical concepts through a variety of strategies. We use collaborative works and math games to introduce concepts, reinforce lessons, and foster mastery of lessons and skills.


Our classes engage in daily emotional and wellness check ins to help create a positive learning environment. We promote respect and teach awareness and understanding of feelings through our social emotional RULER curriculum.

Social Studies .jpg
Social Studies

Our students research topics utilizing non-fiction reading strategies and note taking skills. Students learn to gather  and sketch important ideas in their various topics of study, culminating in project-based activities.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

We support our new English Language Learners with bilingual education programs. A student in a bilingual program will learn to read, write, and speak in English with support in the student's home language.

Pastel Paintbrush Marks

Our special education professionals support our students on-site with services outlined in their IEP. We provide at least one ICT classroom in each grade level, and also currently house an ACES program.

Our Specialty Classes

We believe a well-rounded curriculum includes opportunities to nurture student’s talents and passions, while introducing students to new experiences and healthy habits. From music and art studio to physical education, creative communication, and a dedicated STEM program, our offerings cater to diverse interests. Guided by expert specialists, students explore, innovate, and excel in a dynamic learning environment that fosters lifelong learning and personal growth. They learn from dedicated specialists who are experts in their fields and passionate about their craft. 

Art Fun
Art Studio

Art Specialist

We want to promote a lifelong appre-ciation of art and build awareness of the world around them. Our students enjoy regular art studio fun, learning art history and exploring mediums like watercolor, printmaking, and sculpting.

Musical Literacy

Music Specialist

Movement and music are an integral part of our curriculum at PS 199. Our students sing, dance, and play to learn music vocabulary and concepts from different genres and cultures. Upper grades perform chorus every Spring.

Physical Education

Physical Education Specialist

We aim to help each student reach physical and health literacy by teaching the benefits of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. We also promote teamwork and sportsmanship to build resilient and strong character.

creative expressions.jpg
Creative Communications


We enrich our student's lives by teaching them essential skills to creatively express themselves. Thinking creatively and communicating ideas imaginatively help our students foster originality in new areas and pursuits.


STEM Specialists

We deliver a hands-on and immersive science program with Amplify Science. Our students develop a curiosity and passion for STEM as they cycle through Life/ Physical/ Environmental/ Earth/ Space Science and Engineering.

Technology Literacy

STEM Specialists

Being a responsible digital citizen is vital in today's modern world, so we provide students with the tools to navigate the world of technology safely and to become savvy consumers of the information available.

Our Enrichment Programs

PS 199 is located in a vibrant neighborhood in Manhattan, and the resources of New York City play a vital role in the success of our children's education. Our partnerships with numerous institutions bring in teaching artists, educators, and professionals who inspire and enrich our students' learning experience.  Our enrichment programs are sustained by the hard work of our PS 199 PTA in their annual fundraising efforts, and by the generosity of our parents and community.

GrowNYC logo.png
Outdoor Gardening

PS199 Kindness Garden

We are excited to partner with the PTA Garden Committee and GrowNYC to reinvigorate our school garden and to develop this outdoor classroom into an amazing place to learn, read and celebrate nature.


Science Curriculum

Our partners at NY Sun Works support our work teaching students about sust-ainability, climate change, and urban farming. Our students become farmer-scientists, growing crops and investig-ating connections to the natural world.


Science Curriculum

We are happy to announce our new partnership with NYC FIRST to bring the LEGO Spike robotics program to PS199. Students in 3rd to 5th grade will build, adapt and code robots as they learn about science and technology.

Orchestra Conductor on Stage

Our partnership with NY Philharmonic allows us to integrate orchestral music into our curriculum. Their teaching artists teach our students how to listen, perform, and compose so they can enjoy concerts everywhere.

Building Models

Through our partnership with the Center for Architecture, our students learn to appreciate design in the built environment.  Activities include walking tours and learning architectural design through model building.

Dancing Hands Touching

Each year, we invite teaching artists from the National Dance Institute to teach our students the fundamentals of dance and music. Our students gain critical life and social-emotional skills while taking the stage to live music.

Chess Board

We are proud to teach chess in every classroom through our partnership with NY Scholastic Chess Club. Learning this classic game strengthens memory and focus, and teaches creativity and strategic thinking.

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