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Our Programs

As part of PS 199’s mission, striving for higher standards is integral to student learning and achievement. We support all students in achieving proficiency, not only in English language arts and mathematics, but in all curriculum areas. The teachers and staff of PS 199 believe that creating an environment of pride and excitement around academic success promotes even more academic success. Therefore, parents, students, and the community are regularly informed of the students’ academic achievements. ​We recognize that children learn at different rates and in different ways. It guided our long history of educating children with special needs of all levels. Our foremost goal is to give all children access to a wide repertoire of learning tools. Yet, we are constantly studying new approaches and refining our practices to meet the needs of all our students. Our great challenge, as that of many other schools, is meeting the needs of our diverse population, while keeping our expectations high. PS 199 is an outstanding public elementary school in a vibrant neighborhood, and the resources of New York City play a vital role in the success of our children's education. Partnerships with numerous institutions bring in teaching artists and educators who inspire and enrich our students. The continuing dedication and involvement of our PTA allows us to maintain our relationships and find new opportunities for our students.

Blonde Boy Reading
English Language Arts

Our ultimate goal is to cultivate lifelong readers. We deploy a variety of found-ational reading and writing workshops that progressively build our students' appreciation, knowledge, and mastery of essential literacy skills.

Child at school

All students learn and apply math-ematical concepts through a variety of strategies. We use collaborative works and math games to introduce concepts, reinforce lessons, and foster mastery of lessons and skills.

Science Class

Our science curriculum focuses on investigation. Students learn to develop hypotheses, experiment, and refine their original thinking. Subjects include plants, animals, environment, with use of our own hydroponics and pollinator garden.

Kids in Vegetable Farm
Social Studies

Our students research topics utilizing non-fiction reading strategies and note taking skills. Students learn to gather  and sketch important ideas in their various topics of study, culminating in project based activities.

Elementary Art Class

We want to promote a lifelong appre-ciation of art and build awareness of the world around them. Our students enjoy regular art studio fun, learning art history and exploring many mediums like watercolor, printmaking, and sculpting.

Drama Class

Movement, music and chorus are an integral part of our curriculum at PS 199. We are grateful for our partnerships with the National Dance Institute and NY Philharmonic whose teaching artists help enrich our student's education.

Smiling Kid
Social and Emotional Learning

We believe emotional development is an important part of education. We promote respect, community building, and teach awareness and understanding of feelings. Nurturing emotional intelligence helps us keep a positive school environment for all.

Basketball Game
Physical Education

We aim to help each student reach physical and health literacy by teaching the effects and benefits of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. We also promote teamwork and sportsmanship to build resilient and strong character.

Kids in Technology Class
Engineering and Technology

We recognize the importance of digital literacy for students today. Our teachers incorporate technology and engineering into our curriculum starting at 3rd grade, leveraging our partnerships with Center for Architecture and LEGO robotics.  

Teacher and Pupil
Integrated Co-Teaching

We have a long history of educating children with special needs of all levels. Our community teaches our students to be inclusive and caring individuals. We recognize that children learn at different rates and in different ways.

Ecology Gardening Tour
Field Trips

We love field trips. Our teachers plan regular field trips in every grade to align with their social studies, enhance the understanding of the subjects we teach, and to explore new dimensions in our relationship with our community.

Music Class

PS 199 PTA's program partners are able to offer students an excellent array of enrichment programs after school. Programs such as chess, drama, and coding enrich our student's experience beyond the school's regular curriculum.

Our Partners

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